The Healing Garden Organics Body Mist…

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scentexpert For those like myself that don't care for the smell of strong vanilla, but want something sweet and unique, this is an amazing choice. It is slightly strong, so don't spray too much on.It lasts a long time,and the smell of it is surreal to the senses.The vanilla doesn't stand out the way you would expect it to, but it just adds the sweet scent to it with the pomegranate.This tops any bath and body/victoria's secret fragrance anyday.You won't be disappointed!

Tinker Bell I put this on right after I shower with the Fig and Lavender Gel Body Wash. It has a very pleasant organic smell. It reminds of the higher end Aveda line but at a fraction of the cost. The scent stays all day. I highly recommend.

Lindsay When I first smelled this body spray I knew I just had to have it. It is the only thing I wear now. I love it.


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The Healing Garden Organics Body Mist…

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