Vera Wang Eau de Toilette Spray-Princ…

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Anonymous This is my boyfriends signature cologne now. My sister always asks, "What is he wearing?" But, I told her it would be too weird if she bought it for her boyfriend too and then they both smelled the same. Funny how upset this makes her when she realizes I'm right and she is still on a quest to find something comparable but as high quality as Vera Wang. It is a wonderful cologne that never irritates my allergies when I am cuddling with my boyfriend. Buying him a second bottle for Valentine's 2011. I am super picky about fragrances in general, so thank you Vera Wang for this cologne and my personal fave perfume "LOOK" which always generates lots of compliments.

Anonymous I really dont like perfumes, but, a friend allowed me to wear VW while visiting him last summer... I fell in love with it, very nice and manly. I will always wear this perfume.


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Vera Wang Eau de Toilette Spray-Princ…

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