Paris Hilton Tease Eau De Parfum Spra…

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CeeCee I USED TO LOVE LOVE LOVE Paris Hilton's 'Heiress'which is now discontinued, but it was overly sweet to be honest. I honestly moved on from the syrupy odd cupcakey smell, because I'm not twelve anymore. haha. Well it is just like the name, its sexy but not overly sexy so a teenager or a pre-teen could easily wear it or even my mother wears it to a sexy night out with my father:) It's a bit slu-ty in a way that it has a touch of sweet-feramone-y smell, but it will draw people in and they will be guessing what your wearing for hours. It opens with a freshness of different WHAM, then slowly dies down to a bit of slu-ty, sugary scent then dies down to a bit of woody nutty scent after a WHILE.Overall I am very pleased, very cute on my vanity and very cute and clean with a bit of lip-biting sexy. But a downside to this is that like Paris herself, it is a bit shallow of a scent. It doesnt have much demansion.


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Paris Hilton Tease Eau De Parfum Spra…

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